Holland.pk and UpTow.Net image hosting services (we) allow internet users to upload and share images from our domains. Our role is to provide a neutral-standing, censor-free platform for members of the internet to host and share royal-free images.

Individuals (users) who upload images to us are solely responsible for uploading the image, sharing the image and the consequences of allowing the public to view the image. We do not limit or in any way control how users use our services, including but limited to: types of images uploaded, the ways they are going to allow public view the images and the content and nature of images.

Images shared by direct linking (Long URL) does not run through our URL redirection and therefore will not be removable.

If you need to have URLs removed, please refer to the Support Section for more information on removal requests.

Copyright holders who find copyright infringing materials hosted on our server are advised to contact our webmasters. The information needed for lodging a copyright complaint can be found in the Support Section.

Please also be reminded that we do not offer any guarantee, promise or quality of service over images uploaded to Holland.pk and UpTow.Net, including but not limited to availability of images across boundaries.

While it is rare, we do reserve the rights to remove images and URLs that are observed to be abusing our services, such as images of child pornography or links to websites that promote terrorist activities. Notices are not necessarily given before removal of images.

Image removal requests, if honoured, will be dealt with by removing the entry on our URL shortening database. Images might still be cached on our content distribution network servers for a predefined period, during which might still be accessed regionally until cache files expire.

By uploading images to our server, you are accepting terms and conditions listed in this legal and therefore is bounded to this user agreement. In the event of conflicts with your local regulations and laws, your local laws should prevail.